Choosing a Utility Marking Service to Help You Conduct a Site Survey Before Building

Preparing to embark on a new building project is a big undertaking all on its own. Before the first excavation can ever occur and long in advance of the first appearance of structural work comes a great deal of research, procedural work, and other planning. Just as you will eventually build a foundation for the new structure to rest upon, these preparations serve as the strong foundation necessary to carry out a successful build. As part of your preparations, perhaps one of the most important things to consider will be the need for precise and reliable utility marking on the property to be developed (or re-developed).

On Point Locating, an experienced provider of a robust utility marking service available for projects everywhere in New South Wales has everything in place to provide this valuable planning tool. With passionate staff, cutting-edge equipment, and a wealth of experience in putting those two elements together to create results, you can gain a clear snapshot of the land in question. Given the potentially serious consequences of striking utilities, underground tanks, or other hazards, a thorough survey will enable you to plan around these obstructions. As a "Dial Before You Dig" certified locator, On Point Locating delivers quality and value together. Consider how we achieve the best results for our clients.

Convenient utility marking service throughout NSW

First and foremost, any utility survey requires the right tools for the job. We have the understanding in place to aid you in suggesting and selecting the right type of scan for your requirements. Are you locating something that we can find through traditional electromagnetic means, or would ground penetrating radar be the right choice? What about a combination of both for the most thorough site survey possible? Our team will liaise with your firm and investigate the job site to determine the most productive way to proceed.

Second, we provide flexible availability and a mobile service too. Whenever or wherever you need a survey conducted in NSW, the On Point Locating team will be ready to work. When you reach the stage where work is imminent, and you need a utility marking service right away, we can spring into action. As we work, we take care to be thorough at each step.

Ultimately, this leads to our easy to see ground markings on site as well as a full report on the utilities and objects present underground. Together, these things will provide you with everything necessary to move forward with digging. As an added convenience, we can provide hydro-excavation services for when you need to work around underground utilities safely.

Arm your team with important knowledge today

Through our dedication to remaining abreast of the latest developments in this field, we can offer all our clients access to a full service roster. As you prepare to embark on the next project, consider the value of understanding the land more deeply. To begin arranging for a service visit or to share your questions with our team, reach out to us today.