Keep Your Jobsite Safe and Avoid Unnecessary Repair Costs with Non Destructive Hydro or Vacuum Truck Excavation in Gold Coast

Breaking ground on a new project can be exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Hitting an underground utility can be costly at best and fatal at worst. You could be working on a plot of land with no utilities or underground structures to speak of, but you could also be dealing with water lines, sewer lines, electrical cables, buried pipes and even propane tanks—all just beneath the surface and invisible to the naked eye. At On Point Locating, we offer several services to help your business deal with these obstacles and execute non destructive excavation in Gold Coast.

Last year alone 6,594 incidents were voluntarily reported, whilst telecommunication networks have stated that there were 20,000 incidents resulting in $20,000,000 in damages. Hydro excavation does not minimise the chance of these incidents occurring but rather eliminates them altogether.

How Non Destructive Excavation Works?

Achieving non-destructive excavation works involves two major components.

The first step is knowing what kind of obstacles you are dealing with before you dig. Whether you are a contractor, a builder or just a property owner who wants to plant a few trees in the front yard, it’s important to know the locations of underground utilities before you dig. On Point Locating provides accurate and reliable locating services for pipes, utility services, tanks and other underground installations. With our help, you can know exactly where everything is before you break ground. You won’t find yourself encountering any surprises.

The second step is being able to dig around utilities without damaging them. In some cases, you might be able to avoid underground installations entirely. A simple tree planting operation, for instance, can be planned in such a way that it steers clear of nearby utility lines. For building projects, though, it’s often essential to access underground utilities to connect them to the new structure. In such cases, On Point Locating can help with techniques for non destructive excavation on the Gold Coast.

Two terms are often associated with non-destructive excavations: hydro excavations and vacuum excavations. While these terms sound like two distinct types of digging, they are indeed the same thing. A hydro excavation in Gold Coast is a vacuum excavation and vice versa.

Hydro excavations use pressurised water to blast the ground and move soil around utility lines. The pressurised water stream is strong enough to displace the soil, but not so powerful that it can break or puncture the utility structures. As such, this technique is ideal for exposing underground utilities—whether for servicing, connections or more. The excess soil can then be removed from the site using a vacuum truck, hence the vacuum excavation terminology.

Call On Point Locating for Hydro and Vacuum Excavation in Gold Coast

If you have an excavation project that is going to put you close to underground utility lines, don’t risk the ‘dig first, ask questions later’ strategy. Instead, call On Point Locating and let us provide utility locating and hydro excavation services in Gold Coast. Breaking a utility line only takes a moment, but the safety and cost implications can be enormous. By investing in locating and non-destructive excavation services, you can avoid both risks.