Ensure Non Destructive Excavations with Hydro or Vacuum Truck Excavations in Sydney

At On Point Locating, our entire business is built around helping contractors, builders, and property owners ensure non destructive excavations of their land. By helping you locate pipes and underground utility lines before you dig or excavate a plot of land, we help reduce the risk of hitting and damaging a utility line in the process.


Our first step is usually to provide a survey and map of the property, with utility locations marked and detailed. These resources should be used in the design of a project, preferably to keep excavations far away from pipes or underground utilities. In some cases, though, excavations will need to get close to underground assets. In such cases, we can provide hydro excavations in Sydney to guarantee a safe dig.


What Is a Hydro Excavation?


‘Non destructive excavations,’ ‘hydro excavations’ and ‘vacuum excavations’ are all essentially synonyms for the same thing. Hydro excavation uses pressurised water to move and remove soil on and around utilities. Using a vacuum truck, the operators can remove the soil or debris and transfer it to a separate debris tank. This process keeps the debris out of the way, exposing utilities so that construction teams can access or use them.


At On Point Locating, we have multiple vacuum trucks in Sydney and can perform effective hydro excavation. At On Point Locating we have the correct equipment for this job therefore we can perform utility excavations very quickly, exposing underground assets with which you or your contractors can work around. The water and vacuum systems make short work of soil, but don’t damage metal, concrete, nylon or plastic utilities.


When to Call for a Non Destructive Excavation


You will likely need to use hydro excavation in Sydney if you are going to be working on or near utilities. Many utility providers require contractors to use hydro excavation if they work within a certain distance of underground assets. Only accredited contractors can perform this work. On Point Locating is one such accredited contractor. With multiple vacuum trucks in Sydney, we can work with any business or property owner to perform non destructive hydro excavation.


Regardless of whether you know the location of a utility line precisely, working around that line with a shovel or a piece of construction equipment is just too dangerous. Hydro excavations are the only safe option to expose underground assets.


So, don’t risk the wrath of your utility provider by damaging a water main, gas line or fibre optic cable. Instead, give us a call at On Point Locating and let us perform non destructive excavation that will appease your utility company. We will expose the underground asset carefully, giving you the freedom to work around that asset without worrying about cutting, puncturing or otherwise damaging it. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and our skilled team, we are confident that we can perform an excavation while keeping your utilities intact.

GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar
Hydro excavtion or non destructive excavation