Do You Need a Ground Penetrating Radar System Survey in Gold Coast? Understanding the Rules of Concrete and Utility Scanning

You are preparing for an excavation project and want to be smart about how and where you dig. Whether you are digging a small hole in your front yard to plant a tree or excavating a site for new property development, you need to know the location of underground utilities to avoid safety risks or costly mistakes. However, as you search for underground locating services, you repeatedly hear about a few different locating strategies. There’s electromagnetic locating, ground penetrating radar locating, and concrete scanning. Which type of service do you need?

At On Point Locating, we provide all three of these services. If you need ground radar surveying, electromagnetic locating or concrete scanning in the Gold Coast, we can help. What we find though, is that many customers assume that these services are the same thing. After all, we are an underground utility locating company. Surely each of these services must be another term for underground utility detection?


While all three services are used for underground locating though, each one utilises a different technology and is ideal for a separate application. Read on to learn more about which service you might need for your project.

Different Types of Underground Locating and How They Work


If you engage On Point Locating for a ground radar survey in Gold Coast, we will use a ground penetrating radar system to locate utilities beneath the surface. A ground penetrating radar uses high-frequency pulses to penetrate the ground and ping locations of plastic pipes, tanks, manholes, fibre optic cables and more. Ground radar systems are a must for locating these types of utilities because electromagnetic locating is not a practical option for finding them.

Instead, electromagnetic locating uses equipment that generates electromagnetic radio frequencies and applies them to the service in the ground. This method is useful for pinpointing any underground utilities or structures that are made out of or contain conductive materials. Many utilities can be found using this method, including lines for gas, electricity, telephone cables, water and irrigation—along with sewer and storm water systems.

For best results, you should find a company that can provide both electromagnetic locating and ground penetrating radar systems in the Gold Coast. At On Point Locating, we frequently use both technologies to provide our customers with detailed and accurate locates of their underground services.

We also offer concrete scanning in the Gold Coast, which is an entirely separate service. Using radar technology, concrete scanning helps us identify rebar structures, tension cables and other elements of reinforcement in a concrete slab, suspended floor or structure. If you are planning a project that involves cutting, drilling, breaking or coring concrete, a concrete scanning service is necessary to ensure the safest and most efficient strategy possible.

Call On Point Locating for Concrete Scanning, Electromagnetic or Ground Radar Surveys in Gold Coast

When you need a company that can provide electromagnetic locating, concrete scanning or ground penetrating radar systems in the Gold Coast, look no further than On Point Locating. To learn more about our services or the equipment we use to deliver results for our customers, contact us today.