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Know What to Expect Before You Dig in Sydney With Thorough GPR Scanning Survey Services from On Point Locating

When your team breaks ground on a new project and begins to excavate to prepare the work site, do they know what they might encounter beneath their feet? Digging without first taking the time to understand what hazards might lay buried beneath the property is not the ideal approach to a safe workflow. Striking buried utilities can have fatal consequences at worst and big financial penalties at best. Disrupting underground services can lead to major delays, or work crews could damage their equipment in the process of striking a buried object. For that reason, it's crucial to "dial before you dig" — and to choose a DBYD certified provider for GPR scanning.

The use of ground penetrating radar, or GPR, for a survey in Sydney of a future work site is a common and highly valuable approach to understanding the underground composition of a location. It’s especially important when undertaking new construction work in an established, urban location, but it is also just as key when developing on otherwise untouched land. While it may look pristine from the surface, there’s a chance that there are already all manner of utilities running across the property. At On Point Locating, finding out precisely where they are and providing you with all the survey points necessary to make smart plans is what we do best.

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Understanding the benefits of our GPR services

The use of GPR in Sydney is often confused with methods that use electromagnetic signals to locate objects underground, such as buried electrical cabling and water lines. This confusion is because both technologies penetrate the ground and may seem functionally similar. However, there are limitations to electromagnetic scans that are not present in a GPR survey — namely; they can only detect objects which can conduct and reflect the electromagnetic impulse. Ground penetrating radar, with its higher frequency and regular pulses, provides a more accurate picture of the non-conductive objects underground, which is important for finding things such as nylon or PVC piping.

As part of our services, On Point Locating assesses sites on an individual basis to determine which methods to use. Most often, we utilise both scanning technologies in conjunction for better results. Whether you know what you're looking for already and just need the exact location or you have no idea what to expect, we maintain availability 24 hours a day.

We're happy to accommodate working within the time frames you require. After every scanning outing, we can compile all the data collected into detailed survey reports that you can cross-reference at any time.

Work with accuracy and understanding through On Point Locating

View our gallery for a quick look at some examples of our marking schemes to see how we ensure your crews know where to be most careful. Learn more about our GPR services, or reach out to our team now to arrange for a survey for your project. Remember, our services feature flexible scheduling — if you need help keeping your project on track right away, let us know.