Are You Thinking about an Excavation? Use Dial Before You Dig to Find Underground Utility and Pipe Locating Services in Sydney

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Dial Before You Dig’? It’s both the name of a national referral service and a best practice for excavation work. In essence, Dial Before You Dig is a service dedicated to protecting underground infrastructure throughout Australia. DBYD will refer you to companies that can provide you with pipe and underground utility locating services before you undertake any excavation on your property. Taking the time to determine these structures and installations before you dig, will ensure that you aren’t accidentally damaging anything in the process.


‘Excavation’ doesn’t necessarily just mean digging up a property with a bulldozer or backhoe. Digging up a property to put in the foundation of a new building is certainly a process that demands a ‘dial before you dig’ precaution. However, even something as simple as digging a hole with a shovel technically qualifies as an excavation. You should call for utility or pipe locating services in these situations too.


Why Is It Important to ‘Dial Before You Dig’?


If you are digging or building on a brand-new property, there is a chance it isn’t hooked up to any utilities. There is also a chance that there are already connections for water, gas, electricity, or sewage waiting underneath the ground. At best, breaking or damaging one of these installations will be costly. At worst, it could be life-threatening. Having a professional ascertain the exact locations of each utility line—if there are any to be found—will allow you and your building team to excavate with confidence and peace of mind.


Hiring professionals to handle your pipe or underground utility locating services is also smart because these companies have the equipment to do the job. Even if you had equipment that could detect underground structures, you might not necessarily know how to turn it into a useful survey map. A professional utility locating company is experienced in finding the exact locations of all utilities and mapping them out for you in a precise fashion.


Furthermore, in Australia, only DBYD certified technicians are permitted to locate underground assets for survey purposes. At On Point Locating, we are proud to be a DBYD certified technician.


Avoid the Safety Risks and Substantial Costs of Striking a Utility Line: Call On Point Locating Today


If you need underground utility or pipe locating services in Sydney, look no further than On Point Locating. With our significant experience, our state of the art locating equipment and our Dial Before You Dig certification, we are more than qualified to help you find a wide range of utilities. Our locating capabilities include fibre optic and telecommunications services, gas lines, water mains, sewer mains, stormwater drainage systems and electrical lines.


Don’t take the risk of hitting a gas line or breaking a water main. Whether you are digging a hole to plant a tree or breaking ground on a new construction project, you simply can’t know where underground installations are until you’ve had a DBYD certified technician survey your property. Contact On Point Locating today to schedule a survey of your property.

GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar
Hydro excavtion or non destructive excavation