Avoid Costly Renovation Mistakes with Thorough Concrete Scanning

From floors and driveways to precast concrete walls, all the way to columns and beams, you are likely to find at least some concrete in your building. When it comes renovating a home or business, there is a good chance you will have to cut or penetrate a concrete surface to get the job done. Before you make a penetration, though, it is imperative that you invest in thorough concrete scanning services.


You never know what is lying beneath a concrete surface. The answer could just be ‘more concrete,’ but it could also be rebar or post tension cables. It could be electrical wiring or communications conduits. It could be any number of things that you would rather avoid with a sawblade or drill.


Cutting through rebar or post tension cables can compromise the stability and structural integrity of a concrete structure. Slashing through electrical conduits, meanwhile, can cause power outages and costly repair services.


At On Point Locating, we provide concrete x-ray services and ground penetration radar services to find out what is beneath the surface of your concrete. These tests are extremely quick and remarkably accurate. They can tell you precisely what surprises are waiting for your blade or drill, thereby allowing you to plan a safe cut or penetration.


Cutting through concrete indiscriminately can bring your project to a grinding halt. By being a little more careful, you can stay on schedule and avoid extra costs or headaches. For concrete scanning in Sydney, reach out to On Point Locating today.

GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar
Hydro excavtion or non destructive excavation