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Know What to Expect Before You Dig in Sydney With Thorough GPR Scanning Survey Services from On Point Locating

When your team breaks ground on a new project and begins to excavate to prepare the work site, do they know what they might encounter beneath their feet? Digging without first taking the time to understand what hazards might lay buried beneath more.

Choosing a Utility Marking Service to Help You Conduct a Site Survey Before Building

Preparing to embark on a new building project is a big undertaking all on its own. Before the first excavation can ever occur and long in advance of the first appearance of structural work comes a great deal of research, procedural work more. 

Keep Your Jobsite Safe and Avoid Unnecessary Repair Costs with Non Destructive Hydro or Vacuum Truck Excavation in Gold Coast

Breaking ground on a new project can be exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Hitting an underground utility can be costly at best and fatal at worst. You could be working on a plot of land with no utilities or underground structures to speak more.

Do You Need a Ground Penetrating Radar System Survey in Gold Coast? Understanding the Rules of Concrete and Utility Scanning

You are preparing for an excavation project and want to be smart about how and where you dig. Whether you are digging a small hole in your front yard to plant a tree or excavating a site for new property development, you need to know the location of more.

Ensure Non-Destructive Excavations with Hydro or Vacuum Truck Excavations on the Gold Coast


At On Point Locating, our entire business is built around helping contractors, builders, and property owners ensure non-destructive excavations of their land. By helping you locate pipes and underground utility lines before you dig or excavate a plot of land, we help reduce the risk​ more.