About Us

The Goal

Welcome! At On Point Utility Locating we aim to provide utility consultation services that are both professional and affordable. 


We use only the latest technology and equipment and our technicians are trained and accredited which ensures our clients receive services of the highest standard. This saves time and money and ensures all works are carried out safely and efficiently every time. 




Safe & Sound 

On Point Locating services the whole of the NSW area as well as South East Qld. We travel up and down the whole east coast which allows our clients to feel confident that they can get the same great service whenever and wherever their company is carrying out works. 


We provide all our clients reports when locating underground utilities , scanning concrete slabs or carrying out CCTV inspections. These reports consist of numerous detailed findings for the client to pass on to civil crews or to keep on their own record for future works. 

Our in house survey team allows us to work more closely on projects with engineers and designers to assist them in building their project from start to finish. 


Dial Before You Dig is an essential service when locating underground utilities. At On Point Locating we can generate DBYDs in a matter of minutes and bring them to site to ensure no service gets missed. 


Anytime ... Day or Night

At On Point Utility Locating, we know that the industry is always working, day and night. Thats why we are a 24/7 service. 


So the next time you're thinking about excavating, building a road, penetrating a slab or need a rail accredited locator, give On Point a call and let us show you what you cant see !!